Legal system bureaus established in Anhui correctional facilities

Legal system bureaus (fazhi jigou) have been established in Anhui's 19 prisons (jianyu) and 8 re-education through labour camps (laojiaosuo).

The legal system bureaus will:

- provide legal opinions (yijian) on the policies (zhengce) and measures (cuoshi) adopted within each prison or re-education through labour camp, on complaints, and shangfang.
- review requests of reduction of sentence, increase of sentence, release on parole, release on medical parole.

This far legal system bureaus reviewed a total of 11.495 such requests and 528 legal documents.

As far as their power is concerned, spokespeople of the Anhui Office for Justice (sifating) stated that these organs will play an advisory role. Their directors will attend the meetings of re-education through labour authorities as auditors (liexi), and merely provide opinions (yijian) on camp policies and regulations.

Their establishment seems to have been dictated by the need to raise RETL camps efficiency, with particular regards to their economic performance