Ninxia Bureau of Prison Management

Yesterday a meeting of the Ningxia Bureau of Prison Management (监狱管理局) took place in Yingchuan. The meeting set the objectives to be achieved during the next three years:
2007 - 70% of the prison facilities (jianyu) in Ningxia must be standardized (guifanhua, 规范化)
2008 - by the end of 2008, all of the prisions facilities will have to be "stardardized"
2009 - two prisons must be awarded the title of provincial-level (zizhiquji) "modern civilized prison" (xiandai wenming jianyu)
2010 - four prisons must be awarded the title of ministerial-level (buji) "modern civilized prisons"
Five prisons (jianyu) are said to exist in Ningxia at the moment. Particular attention will be devoted to the reform and development of the enterprises owned by them.
The meeting was chaired by Jiang Yuande (蒋元德), the new director of the Bureau of Prison Management.