Yao Chuanrui flees shuanggui, beats the investigators and is sentenced to 6 years

Harsh interrogation is often used to obtain confessions by those put under shuanggui. Still, harsh interrogation is not used in all cases of shuanggui.

, because confessions extracted by torture are seldom truthful. Second, because torture is proscribed even by regulations on shuanggui, and investigators are aware of this prohibition. The use of torture is not endorsed by the Chinese government.

The use of "harsh interrogation" depends entirely on individual members of an "investigative team" (jianchazu). Things are not so simple though.....sometimes, the interrogators end up being beaten by a detainee's friends.

This is what happened in Beijing. Yao Chuanrui - general manager of a construction company - was detained at the Jiluqing Guesthouse in Haidian district. After four months, he managed to text two of his friends, asking them to come to his rescue.

His friends assembled a crowd of 20 people, who rushed into the guesthouse, beat and restrained the guards and freed Yao Chuanrui. Yao was arrested (daipu) the following day, while on a train to Tianjin.

On June 20 the Haidian people's court sentenced Yao to 6 years inprisonment under charges of "assembling a crowd to disrupt public order" (聚众扰乱社会秩序罪). Yao appealed the sentence.

Today, the Beijing first intermediate people's court confirmed the sentence imposed by the Haidian people's court.

The reasoning of the Beijing first intermediate people's court was that Yao's evasion disrupted the party' s investigation on his alleged crimes. (审查工作无法正常进行) and it constituted an aggravating circumstance.