"Sexual bribery" forbidden for the first time

The debate about the possibility of punishing sexual bribery (xing huilu) as any other crime of corruption has been going on for a few years in China.

This offence appeared for the first time in China´s criminal justice system today. The Fire Prevention Office of the Ministry of Public Security has issued a regulation entitled "Four Prohibitions for Fire Squads" (badly translated of course, in Chinese it is 公安消防部队四个严禁)

The full text of this document does not seem to be available on the internet yet. However, an excerpt has been made public. It forbids members of fire squads to accept bribes, "included the provision of sexual services and other non-material advantages"


Violations of this and other provisions contained in the "Four prohibitions" can be punished by discipline or criminal sanctions.

 Comments by Fang Peng
方鹏, Institute for Criminal Law, Zhengfa Daxue can be read here.