"Two robberies and one theft"

The Henan Higher People´s Court issued a circular calling for a crackdown on the so-called "two robberies and one theft" cases (两枪以盗案件) . Although the text of the circular has not been made public, the local media have mentioned that theft and robbery have been singled out for increased punishment. The crack-down will target the following crimes:

  • Theft of motor vehicles
  • Theft of livestock
  • Theft of agricultural machinery
  • Theft of electric equipment
  • Theft of telecommunications equipment
and last but not least sexual offences. Court presidents should show particular concern, and take an interest in the most serious cases. Whenever possible, principals and recividists should be subjected to an increased punishment. And not be eligible for a suspended sentence (缓刑).

Courts in Henan province tried 42.165 criminal cases in 2007. 37.54% of them - 15.829 - were cases of theft and robbery.