Death penalty - SPC holds videoconference meetings with defendants

The Procuratorial Daily has reported that yesterday the Supreme People's Court held a videoconference meeting to question Jiang Hua, the defendant in a case of drug trafficking, who is currently detained in Quanzhou kanshousuo. The videoconference meeting took place while reviewing Jiang's death sententence.

A Supreme Court spokesperson stated that this is a new method (一种新方式) to ensure the fast and efficient approval of death sentences. Instead of having to travel to the provinces where those sentenced to the death penalty are held, SPC judges will hold videoconferences. However, SPC judges will have to travel to the defendant's place of detention in all those cases where they believe that there is a real need (认为确有必要) to hear the defendant in person.
最高法首用视频远程提讯死刑被告人 同步录音像

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