Beijing police arrests yellow cows

Better known to us as ticket scalpers (piaofanzi 票贩子), more and more "yellow cows" are being arrested since August 15, when the Beijing police launched its crackdown on Olympic ticket scalping. According to the Public Order Administration Punishment Law (全文),the maximum penalty for ticket scalping is of 10-15 days detention and a 1.000 yuan fine. Some localities, as Chongqing, send repeated offenders to re-education through labour.

Here's the arrest log.

People arrested from August 15 to August 19:
Chinese: 239. Detained: 185; subjected to education and criticism: 54
Foreigners: 37. Detained: 7; expelled: 18; subjected to education and criticism: 12

Here are a few pictures of scalpers taken by Chinese blogger Qian Haifeng, Here's a story by Caijing magazine, and one by the Houston Chronicle.

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