Conditional arrest 附条件逮捕

The Conference on Conditional Arrest (逮捕制度的深化与发展专题研讨会 ) was held yesterday in Beijing. The conference was organized by the Beijing Procuratorate, the Beijing no. 2 Procuratorate and the CASS Law School.

Deputy supreme prosecutor Zhu Xiaoqing held the keynote speech, and was later interviewed by the Legal Daily:

Journalist: conditional arrest was first proposed in 2005, at the Second National Meeting on Investigation Supervision, where it was required that this system be implemented at the national level. After three years of practice good results have been achieved, so how should the meaning and the nature of this measure be understood?

Zhu Xiaoqing: it is to be pointed out that conditional arrest is just a work system, a measure (gongzuo zhidu, gonzuo cuoshi 工作制度, 工作措施) used by procuratorates during investigation and arrest approval. It is not a legal measure (falv zhidu 法律制度). Conditional arrest has been used by procuratorates to correcly implement procedural legislation on arrest, and to balance punishment of crime and human rights protection.
Read the rest of the interview to Zhu Xiaoqing (in Chinese)