Flood damages Lemaping (Sichuan) prison

Belated news from Lemaping prison. On July 17, a flood severely damaged the prison. The news report (雷马屏监狱"7.14"抗洪抢险纪实 - google it, as the link to the page won't work, but the article still available on the Google cache) was released by Sichuan local media only four days ago I found out about it today.

In the early hours of July 13 following torrential rains prison facilities were submerged by flood waters and mudrock flow. The flood posed a serious risk to the prison's electric company (雷马屏监狱电力公司). The mudrock-flow clean-up was perfomed by inmates. The flood occurred a few months after prison facilities were expanded.

(Picture courtesy of Gaoquan prison, Number Seven Agricultural Platoon 农七师, Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps)

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