Money Boys arrested in Hangzhou

They call themselves MB - Money Boys. They gather outside some clubs in Beijing and Shanghai, and elsewhere too. They are as easy to spot as their female colleagues.

The way MB earn their living is no secret, but they are left undisturbed - perhaps because they tend to keep quiet and attract little attention.

Just the opposite of what Sun ** did. Three years ago Sun opened a "bath house" in Hangzhou, advertising it on the internet. Soon a number of handsome yet girlie men (youdian niangniang qiang 又有点娘娘腔) could be seen coming in and going out of the bath house until the wee hours of the morning. (原文)

At some point the question of what all those men were doing there must have crossed the mind of the police too. So the other night a squad broke into the bath house, rounding up 40 customers and a few money boys. They had the brilliant idea of bringing a photographer with them. This is what they found:

Prostitution is normally punished with up to two years "sheltering for education" (收容教育). Even though some public security bureaus believed that sheltering for education could be used on women only, actually this measure can be used on men too.

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