Laojiao reform in Jiangsu

On Friday Jiangsu RETL Bureau decided to carry out much needed reforms in the laojiao system.

According to a document approved on August 19
(江苏省劳教体制改革实施意见) by September 1 2009 laojiao in Jiangsu province should:

- loosen their links with laojiao enterprises.
(what they call functional separation 职能分开)
- separate business expenditures from laojiao enterprises revenues

These reforms are nothing really new, as the separation between laojiao camps and their enterprises should have taken places a few years ago. This time, though, Jiangsu provincial government intends to provide economic incentives that should induce compliance on the part of laojiao camps.

As reported by the local press, the provincial government should cover the totality of laojiao expenditures. As many laojiao seem to be strapped for cash, this measure should eliminate the exploitation of inmate labour. At least in theory.

For the moment being, these measures are being experimented in Donghai and Judong RETL camps.

Picture: infrastructure squad (基建中队), Judong laojiao. Courtesy China Economy Net 中国经济网