Senior NPC official under shuanggui

Former vice-minister of Finance, and current deputy director of the NPC Finance and Economics Committee (财经委员会) Zhu Zhigang has been put under shuanggui. (read)

After SPC vice-president Huang Songyou, was put under shuanggui last week, Zhu is the second senior official that has been detained in just a few days.

According to Xinhua, Zhu is suspected of having abused his position to allow his relatives to buy real estate at prices below market level. (Yes, this is forbidden by party anti-corruption regulations, but it sounds like a ridiculous accusation. Unless Zhu and his relatives were really guilty of stealing state funds to invest them in real estaste business)

Investigations on Zhu began after the spring festival this year, and ended last week. Zhu was put under shuanggui on October 15 by the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection.

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  1. Sharpe James, the 4-term Mayor of Newark, New Jersey is on his way to federal prison for a lot less than that. He used his influence to help a mistress get a piece of real estate in the City at a legal (and profitable) price. Favoritism is indictable.
    - George Conk, Fordham Law School


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