Trivia about Lucheng prison

A few days ago Lucheng city prison celebrated the 50th anniversary of its foundation. While reporting the event, the local media mentioned some info about the history of Lucheng prison.

Lucheng prison was established in 1958 , as the labour reform department (劳改科) of Changzhi city public security office. Back then, prison facilities were attached to the Changzhi Equipment Repair and Spare Parts Factory.

On the eve of the Cultural Revolution the prison was relocated to Lucheng. In 1985, Lucheng Reform Through Labour Camp was renamed Shanxi number 10 Reform Through Labour Detachment (山西省第十劳动改造管教支队). After the PRC Prison Law entry into force, the facility was renamed Lucheng prison (潞城监狱).

Reportedly, Lucheng prison reformed some 10.000 inmates, and employs 400 policemen and staff.

Picture of inmates in Lucheng prison courtesy of Tianji Group Commission for Discipline Inspection.