Banzheng! Banzheng! Shaming punishment for sticking ads

This singular punishment was imposed by urban management officials (城管 chengguan) to a teenage boy "guilty" of posting advertisements for false documents (those ubiquitous 办证 stickers) on the walls of buildings in Jiangbei district, Ningbo.

The chengguan ordered the boy to stick the ads on his clothes, to let him and everyone else understand that posting illegal fliers is forbidden. The not too subtle implication of their gesture was: if you don't like to have all these fliers on you, why do you keep posting them everywhere?

Pictures taken in Ningbo first appeared on the Qbar bulletin board, spurring a debate about the appropriateness of this punishment.


  1. This is the first time I have seen reports that the "chengguan" make use of this form of "punishment". Unfortunately shaming has reportedly been used for punishing "ka wa" on several occasions, although it is unclear exactly who has been responsible for the shaming. I remember reporting on a couple of occasions, but now I can only find this source of similar treatment (, and this source for far more invasive abuse for the same offense (

  2. this is a very TRADITIONAL way of punishment.

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