Police Database of ID card numbers now searcheable

It's fast, they say, reliable and it costs only 5 kuai, so why don't you try it? It is also very useful in case you want to know if that new guy (girl) you met is really who he (she) claims to be. Paranoia apart, now you can check his name and ID number online.

The strange-sounding address of the People's Police ID card number database is

even though the link doesn't work.

as David commented

The Beijing Wanbao reported that the database already comprises data about 1.307.000.000 people. This far, the only concerns I've found on bulletin boards were that the price to pay for a search was too expensive. To some, privacy seems to be worth less than 5 kuai...

Follow-up: the URL works fine, and here's how this very Foucauldian website looks like.

Believe me, this is well worth a visit if you are looking for such things as the most comprehensive and reliable population figures.