Rumours about Xiao Yang being detained under shuanggui

The newest rumour going round the internet is that former Supreme People's Court President Xiao Yang (picture) has been detained under shuanggui, due to his alleged involvement in the case of Huang Songyou, a former subordinate of his.

This far, the rumour is being spread by gossip websites. A couple of postings on Chinese BBS that mention Xiao Yang's alleged detention have been deleted. (The fact that they have been promptly deleted does not mean that this rumour is true).

The rumours can be found on f.lg. - friendly media, as Dajiyuan. Also they were posted by Boxun and the Mingbao. The articles talk mainly about Huang Songyou, then, they mention some info about Xiao's alleged detention:

Xiao Yang was allegedly detained on 11 November. Xiao and Huang were "two locusts on the same line" (一条线上的蚂蚱). An anonymous letter of denunciation posted on the internet claimed that during his term at the Supreme People's Court Xiao favored cadres from Guangdong province. Together with Huang Songyou, he set up an interest group (法官利益集团) and a "judicial black market" (司法黑市) composed by more than a hundred Guangdong political-legal cadres. Together, Xiao and Huang received bribes and appropriated funds totalling more than150.000.000.000 yuan (1,500多亿人民币). The interest group involved Xiao, his daughter, Huang Songyou, his relatives and friends, Guangdong high-ranking cadres, justice organs in Guangdong and Shenzhen and people in banking institutions, the Ministry of Land Resources, lawyers etc.

These are the main points of most of the articles posted on gossip websites.

Judge for yourself.

As of today, there has been no official announcement that Xiao Yang is being detained.

News denying the rumour were published by the China Court website on November 16.


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