Shanghai bureau of re-education through labour administration readjusted

Strange but true [from 中国劳动教养].

Article 14 of the Organizational Reform Plan of Shanghai Municipality (上海市政府机构改革方案) states that:

"The responsibilities of the municipal bureau of re-education through labour shall be transfered to the office of justice, so that the bureau will be reorganized as a division of the office of justice"


The plan was issued in October and should be implemented by the end of this year. The Ministry of Justice website did not report the news, even though it appeared on the Xinhua website 30 days ago.

What has changed:

Before: the RETL bureau was an administrative organization 行政机构 under the Office of Justice. This was at the provincial level. Below the provincial level, the RETL bureau was either an internal division (内设机构) or a department (职能处) of the local Office of Justice .

Now: the administrative rank of the RETL bureau of Shanghai has been lowered (降级).

This far, the readjustment is taking place in Shanghai only.

One wonders whether:

  1. Shanghai municipality just needs to streamline its bloated bureaucracy
  1. this is a signal that the laojiao system may be changing in interesting ways

About Shanghai RETL bureau

The bureau was established in 1995 and - this far - has managed the following correctional institutions:

  • Shanghai no. 1 RETL camp - a.k.a. Shanghai Farm
  • Shanghai no. 2 RETL camp - a.k.a. Chuandong Farm
  • Shanghai no. 3 RETL camp - a.k.a. Qingdong Farm
  • Shanghai no. 4 RETL camp
  • Shanghai female RETL camp
  • The shourong jiaoyusuo
  • The shaonian guanjiasuo
  • The jiedusuo
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