Law on the People's Armed Police to be passed soon

Yesterday Wang Jianping, the People's Armed Police chief of staff, released an interview to Caijing stating that a Law on the People's Armed Police 人民武装警察 will be passed soon.

The People's Armed Police is a component of China's armed forces composed by the internal security force, the border public security, firefighting and security guard forces. It was established in 1983. Apart from a 1982 document issued by the CCP Central Committee, [中发[1982]30号文件] its existence lacked an adequate legal basis until 1995 [see art. 51 中华人民共和国人民警察法].

In March 2008, 33 PAP delegates to the NPC submitted a legislative proposal. The legislative draft has been already reviewed by the State Council and the Central Military Commission, and should undergo the first reading by the NPC.