Community correction experimented with in Qinghai

From April this year minor offenders in Qinghai province will have a chance to join community correction programmes (社区矫正, shequ jiaozheng), which have been experimented with since 2003 in other provinces.

Twenty-two communities will be opened up in Xining, and five in Gemuer. Communities will receive the following offenders:

  • Those sentenced to public surveillance (管制 guanzhi)
  • Those who have received a suspended sentence
  • Those released on medical parole, pregnant and nursing women, those who have no means of livelihood and are not socially dangerous
  • Those released on parole
  • Those sentenced to deprivation of political rights.
All of them will have to perform public service work, and receive ideological and legal education, and psychological counseling (心理咨询).

Community correction centres will be run cooperatively by justice organs, NGOs and volunteers.