Investigation on organ transplants opened up

The Ministry of Health has opened up an investigation on organ transplants, to curb transplant tourism.

Media attention focused on this issue after Canton hospital was found out to have performed allegedly illegal transplants on 17 Japanese citizens, who paid more than 500.000 RMB in hospital fees.

According to the China Organ Transplant Net, the surge in demand for organs by foreign citizens is affecting Chinese patients negatively:

"these special travellers actually seize the limited supply of organs, with the result that those Chinese patients who have a weak ability to pay for a transplant cannot receive medical care and are faced with death" 这些特殊的旅游者事实上强占了极为有限的器官资源,使支付能力较弱的国内病人无法得到及时救治而面临死亡.

Transplant tourism was banned in June 2007 by a Ministry of Health circular. A systematic investigation on transplants was carried out also in 2007 and in November 2008, when three hospitals were found out to perform illegal transplants.


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