Gansu bureau of corruption prevention now operational

The Gansu bureau of corruption prevention, which has been established on 26 February, is now operational. This is the first province-level "state" anticorruption body, and a subordinate unit of the National Bureau of Corruption Prevention, (official website).

This body has been established to fulfil the obligations under art. 6 of the United Nations Convention Against Corruption (UNCAC):

Art. 6

Preventive anti-corruption body or bodies

1. Each State Party shall, in accordance with the fundamental principles of its legal system, ensure the existence of a body or bodies, as appropriate, that prevent corruption [...more]

This body seems to be firmly controlled by the provincial commission for discipline inspection, the party's anti-corruption body. Clearly the Gansu office is not independent, but such a state of things does not really seem to contravene the UNCAC, which mentions how anti-corruption bodies shall be established "in accordance with the fundamental principles" of each State Party legal system....