Anhui province streamlines political-legal committees

Anhui province is trying to streamline grassroots political-legal committes - the CCP organs which lead, coordinate and supervise the work of judicial organs, public security organs and state security organs as well.

On May 7 the provincial political-legal committee has issued the Opinion on strengthening the construction of county-level political-legal committees (关于加强县级党委政法委建设的若干意见). This document contains provisions about the appointment procedures, funding and powers of grassroots political-legal committees.

Committees must be staffed by one secretary and no more than three deputy secretaries. The secretary is appointed by the same level party committee, under referral of the provincial political-legal committee. Provisions about their age limits and educational level have been made. Funding will be provided by local governments.

The Opinion mentions that the committees have consultative powers over the appointment of leaders of judicial organs and their evalution (考核). A commentary about the opinion and its significance is available here.