36.670 accidental deaths from January-June 2009

Just got the news from a friend. The august issue of Leadership Decision Making Information 领导决策信息 (aka 关注, but this is the internal version of the magazine) carries a compilation of provincial statistics on accidental deaths during the first half of 2009.

Data released by the State Council Committe for Work Safety 国务院安全生产委员会 refer to labour accidents, road and railway accidents, and so-called "other big accidents". They do not include deaths under custody. Statistics on accidents are compiled by PSBs and economics and trade commissions.

Numerical indicators set by provincial governments exist for each one of these categories. The number of accidental deaths in 2009 should not exceed 89.802 people.

I've uploaded a scan of the statistical table on scribd.
More figures are available here.