New opinion on community correction issued

The Central Committee for the Comprehensive Management of Public Order has issued the Opinion on strengthening and regularising "execution outside of prison" (关于加强和规范监外执行工作的意见).

This 28-articles document is divided in four sections, each one of which addresses problems in the implementation of community correction programmes. These are: the handing over of offenders, their supervision, supervision of community correction by the procuratorates, inter-agency coordination and the strengthening of existing community correction programmes and centres.

Until very recently, the legal basis of community correction programmes and medical parole was provided by the CPL (214, 215, 216, 271), the Prison Law (Sec. 3), administrative and normative documents as this, this and this one plus those listed at the end of this post. For the most part, these sources contained rather broad provisions. In practice, they could be of little guidance to political-legal organs.

Two years ago, it was found out how most of those allowed to serve their sentence outside of prison would escape police control and supervision by the community. As a response, a concerted action against the mismanagement of community correction programmes was launched.

Reform of community correction was then listed among the targets of the latest reform outline for the people's courts

(...) we shall (...) enhance the applicable conditions and adjudicating procedures for the medical parole, temporary serving of sentence outside a prison and change of place of serving a sentence;

The following convicted criminals are allowed to serve their sentence outside of prison, in their place of residence:
  • Those sentenced to public surveillance (管制 guanzhi)
  • Those who have received a suspended sentence
  • Those released on medical parole, pregnant and nursing women, those who have no means of livelihood and are not socially dangerous
  • Those released on parole
  • Those sentenced to deprivation of political rights.
Laojiao inmates, too, can serve their term of detention outside of RETL camp, but the matter is regulated by a different set of provisions.

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