SPC founds sections to hear claims of unfair trials

Today the Supreme People's Court established two new offices, under the case-filing section.立案庭. The new sub-sections are respectively known as "case-filing section no. 1" 立案一庭 and "case filing section no. 2" 立案二庭. Here's some basic info I've compiled from available news reports.

Section no. 1

Chair: Liu Xuewen 刘学文
Deputy chairs: Ma Yingxin 马迎新, Jiang Qibo 姜启波


  • Receiving claims of unfair trials (shensu) and petitions
  • Examining cases filed for retrial
  • Receiving and filing all the other cases falling under SPC jurisdiction

Section no. 2

Chair: Zheng Xuelin
Deputy chair: Cao Wei 曹巍

  • Receiving cases in which a conflict of jurisdiction is involved
  • Receiving appeals and retrial requests against legally effective judgements 生效裁判 made by lower-level courts
  • Handling allegedly wrongful judgements
  • Managing legal aid
  • Drafting judicial interpretations
According to SPC deputy president Su Zelin and Zhou Zemin, chair of the SPC political department, the additions of these new sections should allow a more efficient response to petitions, and streamline court's workload.

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