Titles of 13 offenses (zuiming) amended

A fourth round of amendments to the titles (zuiming) of 13 criminal offenses took place on October 16, with the entry into force of the Supreme People´s Court and Supreme People´s Procuracy supplementary regulations on determining offense titles in the Criminal Law of the PRC (full text in Chinese).

Some offense titles have been changed, while others have been created anew. A commentary about the new regulations can be read here. Changes are as follows:

Art. 151 par. 3: the crime of smuggling of plants and the products thereof becomes the crime of smuggling commodities and goods the import and export of which is forbidden by the State.

Art. 180 par. 4: crime of insider trading of undisclosed information

Art. 201: "fiscal evasion" 逃税罪 replaces the previous title 偷税罪

Art. 224 (bis): organizing or leading pyramid selling schemes.

Art. 253 par. 1: sale or unlawful provision of citizens´individual information.

Art. 253 par. 2: unlawful obtainment of citizens´individual information.

Art. 262 (ter): organizing minors to commit activities in violation of the administration of public security.

Art. 285 par. 2: unlawful obtainment of computer information systems´data, or unlawful control of computer information systems

Art. 285 par. 3: provision of procedurs and tools to intrude or illegal control computer information systems.

Art. 337 par. 1: the crime of esaping animals or plant quarantine becomes the crime of jeopardizing animal and pland epidemic prevention, or quarantine.

Art. 375 par. 2: the crime of illegal production, trade of military special symbols becomes the crime of illegal production and trade of military uniforms.

Art. 375 par. 3: counterfeiting, theft, trade, illegal supply, illegal use of military special symbols.

Art. 288 par. 1: use of one´s power to accept bribes.