MOJ promulgates new administrative rule on lawyers

The Measures for the annual inspection of law firms (律师事务 所年度检查考核办法) and an amended version of the Measures punishing illegal acts of lawyers and law firms (律师和律师事务所违法行为处罚办法) were promulgated on April 7 and 8, respectively.

The Measures for the annual inspection are effective since the date of promulgation, and contain detailed provisions on the content and procedure on law firms' inspection and evaluation. Offices of justice in various provinces have already issued similar provisions, so it is likely that this administrative rule will systematize the existing regulatory basis.

The Measures punishing illegal acts contains detailed rules of procedure on the use of administrative sanctions for lawyers, and will enter into force on June 1.

At the moment neither of these documents seems to be available on the web or on legal databases.

Source: Ministry of Justice

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