Drafts amendments - rough and untimely translation

I’ve finally found some time to post a(n untimely) and rough translation of the draft amendments to the criminal law.

The translation is based on the version of the PRC Criminal Law published by the Congressional-ExecutiveCommission on China.

General part

Article 17 (Criminal responsibility)

Article 38 (Control)

Article 49 (Limits to the use of the death penalty)

Article 50 (Commutation of the death penalty with a suspension of execution)

Article 63. (Mitigated punishment)

Article 65. (Ordinary recidivism)

Article 66. (Special recidivism)

Article 67. (Voluntary surrender)

Article 68. (Meritorious service)

Article 69. (Commission of more than one crime before judgment has been pronounced)

Article 72. (Conditions of use) – Suspension of sentence

Article 74 (Suspension of sentence not used on recidivists)

Article 76 (Probation period and its positive results)

Article 77 (Revocation of suspension)

Article 81 (Conditions of use)

Article 83. (Probation period) - Parole

Article 85. (Probation period and its results) – Parole

Article 86. (Revocation of parole)

Article 100. (Reporting of criminal record)

Special part

Article 107. (Providing financial support to criminal activities endangering state security)

Article 109. (Defection)

Article 133. (Disturbing traffic)

Article 141. (Production and sale of fake medicines)

Article 151. (Smuggling arms, ammunitions, nuclear materials, counterfeit currency, cultural relicts, precious metals, rare animals, rare plants and their products)

Article 153 (Smuggling ordinary goods and articles)

Article 157 (Shielding smuggling with arms, resisting the seizure of smuggled goods)

Article 164 (Bribery of company or enterprise personnel)

Article 199 (Death penalty for some crimes of financial fraud)

Article 200 (Financial fraud by units)

Article 205 (Defrauding tax refunds for export or tax by forging VAT invoices)

Article 206 (Forging or selling special invoices for VAT)

Article 210 (Theft, fraud)

Article 226 (Buying or selling by force)

Article 234 (Intentional wounding)

Article 244 (Forced labor)

Article 264 (Theft)

Article 274 (Extortion by blackmail)

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