CC and State Council rules on the security of document dossier and confidential material during the Cultural Revolution.

CCP Central Committee and State Council rules on the security of document dossier and confidential material during the Cultural Revolution. 

Zhongfa [66] n. 464

To all central offices, party committees and commissions of provinces, municipalities, autonomous regions:

The Cultural Revolution is developing swiftly in every organization. To guarantee that party and state document dossiers and confidential documents are not disarranged and lost, the following rules are issued: 

1. Document dossiers and confidential documents of party and state organs, the army and people’s organizations are the highest secrets of the party and the state, and all personnel as well as revolutionary teachers, students and staff have the duty to protect them. [Documents] are not to be demanded and used at will without a procedure regulated by organizations.

2. When due to the needs of Cultural Revolution movements it is necessary to consult dossiers and documents from one’s own unit, a request must be made through the unit’s cultural revolution committee, and agreement of the unit’s party-state leaders must be obtained. [Files] can be read inside the organization and are to be returned after reading. Copying is not allowed. 

3. If dossiers and files in article 2 are confidential, and the units’ party-state leaders have not the power to decide, or they deem they cannot agree, it is necessary that the matter be reported to the higher level party committee for approval and solution. Or it can be directly raised to the provincial committee and the provincial commission, who are responsible for finding a solution.

4. No one can forcibly enter archives and storehouses holding confidential materials. If during a movement similar conducts by the masses take place, cadre surveillance is to be immediately strengthened, and the masses are to be dissuaded. At the same time, the matter is to be immediately reported to the General Office of the provincial committee or to the General Office of the provincial commission, and emergency measures to guarantee the security of party and state secrets are to be adopted. When damage by individual counter-revolutionaries or bad elements actually occurs, they are to be dealt with immediately according to the law. 

5. When leading organizations of departments are paralized and unable to control document dossiers and confidential documents, their managing departments at the higher level must adopt early security measures, to guarantee the security of document dossiers and confidential materials. When necessary, the General Office of the provincial committee or the General Office of the provincial commission can be consulted for assistance. 


State Council

7 September 1966



  中发 [66] 464 号








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