People's Daily Commentator: Leading the Strategy of National Rejuvenation

——1. On coordinating the carrying forward of the "Four Comprehensives"

No mission is more glorious than guiding the rejuvenation of a nation. No cause is more noble than the solidarity of one billion people sharing a dream. 

This is a brand new beginning. In November 2012 the Party centre with Xi Jinping as its General Secretary took over the relay baton of history, continuing to plan the great cause of national rejuvenation on the path of Socialism with Chinese characteristics and on the basis of continuing the struggle of the Party and the People since the foundation of the New China, such a supreme honor.  "The Road To Revival" exhibition at the National Museum pursued the China Dream with single-hearted devotion. The major undertaking before the bronze statue of Deng Xiaoping in Lianhuashan, Shenzhen, made the tide of reform once more arise. The commemoration of the 1982 Constitution reiterated governing the country in accordance with the law, using political power in accordance with the law, thus modeling the spirit of the rule of law.  The diligent practice of the Eight Provisions, with those who are above leading those who are below, keeping one's words and holding fast to the lifeline.....In the first month, as the writing brush was being dipped in ink we were already advancing towards the beacon.  The strategy of the Four Comprehensives has clearly emerged over more than two years, from the 18th Party Congress' emphasis on the "comprehensive construction of a moderately prosperous society", to the 18th Party Congress Third Plenary Session's deployment of "comprehensively deepening reform", and again to the Fourth Plenum's demand to "comprehensively ruling the country in accordance with the law" and its pledge to "comprehensively strictly governing the Party", which summarized the Mass Line Education Campaign. 

The scroll of history always unfolding with great momentum and on a magnificent scale before a problem. A drop in per capita economic output; the challenge of enjoying a common prosperity after some people got rich first; the pressures of a transition under finite natural resources; the coming apart of innovation capability and the needs of development; the interlocking risks of domestic and foreign security; bearing heavy responsibility through a long struggle towards the goal of modernizing governance....General Secretary Xi Jinping has persisted in being problem-oriented and in thinking scientifically, proposing the strategy of the "Four Comprehensives", according to the overall situation and strategic vision of contemporary Chinese Communists; maintaining confidence in China; standing on the reality of China; summarizing the experience of China; in connection with the problems of China. The "Four Comprehensives" have been arrived at from the actual needs of our country's development. They have been arrived at from the warm anticipation of the People's masses. They have been arrived at by promoting the resolution of major contradictions and problems; they are based on the overall situation of governing the country; on capturing the crucial points of reform, development and stability; on leading China's general scheme of development; they establish the strategic direction of each item of work of the Party and of the state during the new situation, they are our main focus and our main target.

For the first time, the comprehensive construction of a moderately prosperous society has been set as "a crucial step in realizing the Chinese dream of a rejuvenation of the great Chinese nation". For the first time, the comprehensive goal of overall deepening reform has been set as perfecting and developing the Socialist system with Chinese characteristics, advancing the modernization of state governance systems and of the governing capability. For the first time, comprehensively ruling the country in accordance with the law has been discussed as the "companion volume" to comprehensively deepening reform, as the "two wings of a bird, and the wheels on both sides of the vehicle". For the first time, in order to demarcate the path of comprehensively strictly governing the Party, the demand has been posed to increase the systematicity, predictability, creativity and efficacy of strictly governing the Party, forging a stronger leading core for our cause. Each "comprehensive" is a set of integrated practices, which follows the past and heralds the future. It is an ideological system that dares to innovate and possesses unique characteristics. It is a theoretical glory that radiates dialectical materialism and historical materialism.  The "Four Comprehensives" complement one another and promote one another, they bring out the best in each other. They are the new creation whereby our Party's strategy of ruling the country keeps up with the times. They are a new leap in combining Marxism with Chinese practice.

Marx said: The degree to which theory matches practice in a state it is always determined by the degree to which theory satisfies the needs of the state.  The strategic ideology and the strategic deployment of the "Four Comprehensives" is the inevitable choice whereby China, after it has developed, it emphasizes the systematic, holistic, coordinated nature of development and governance even more.  Since more than two years, the planning of reform and development has been stable; each decision has advanced with unprecedented vigor; economic development has entered a new stage; a new chapter has been opened in advancing ruling the country in accordance with the law, in using political power in accordance with the law; in administration in accordance with the law; and fairness and justice have become the major focus of comprehensive moderate prosperity. Ruling the Party, ruling the country, ruling the army have been advanced; fighting corruption, advocating a clean government and pure ranks, a severe and disciplined work style condense popular feeling; planning internal affairs, diplomacy and national defense, a China Dream that resonates with a Asia-Pacific Dream and a World just little more than two years scientific planning and the coordinated advancement of major strategic decisions have changed the general situation, renewed the atmosphere, shaken the heart of the People. Practice amply proves that the "Four Comprehensives" are the strategic grip to uphold and develop the road, the theory and the institutions of Socialism with Chinese characteristics. 

“Since overall planning must be emphasized, so in pulling an ox one should pull its nose”. In the first Politburo collective study session of 2015, General Secretary Xi Jinping discussion of the fundamental principles and methodology of dialectical materialism showed the philosophical basis of the strategic layout of the "Four Comprehensives". “The Four Comprehensives” have a goal and action, an overall situation and their main points. Each "Comprehensive" has its major strategic significance. Development is a theme of our times and a common need of every country. Reform is the trend of the times and the motive power of social progress. The rule of law is the major guarantee of the system of state governance and of governing capability. Severely governing the Party is an inevitable demand of strengthening the construction of the Party in power. The four do not stand in a simple relation of juxtaposition, but exist in an organic connection, they are mutually linked in a top-down design. The main line of the "Four Comprehensives" - constructing a moderately prosperous society, letting the spirit of reform shine, strengthening rule of law thought, implementing strictly ruling the Party - delineates the future picture of Socialist China.

Often, only by standing on the ridges and peaks of history one can more clearly dissipate the clouds of the time, and more accurately keep the road ahead. Over the past 90 and more years, from the New Democratic Revolution, the Socialist revolution and construction has established the foundation of all development and progress in contemporary China. Until the crucial point when the decision on reform and opening up confirmed the destiny of contemporary China, opening up the wide road of Socialism with Chinese characteristics, many generations of Communists  relayed the process of exploration, and it is in here that their hardship lies, and it is in here that their majesty lies. The crucial point of the "Four Comprehensives" is upholding China's road, and increasing China's superiority. This strategic deployment is the unity of the great Dream of the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation; of the great cause of Socialism with Chinese characteristics; of the new great project of Party building; of the great struggle we are performing, and which has many new historical features. It balances both Chinese characteristics and the world trend; it embodies the deep interaction between China and the world; it has deepened the awareness of the regularities of the Communist Party in power, the regularities of the construction of Socialism, the regularities of the development of human society, and it is the crucial choice of China and the Chinese People as they stride towards the future. 

As we stand at the crossroads of history and future, a mightier journey unfolds before of us. Pursuing the cause of moderate prosperity, raising the mainsail of reform, walking the path of the rule of law, laying the foundation of political power is a difficult struggle, but it is also a bold march. As we walk along the road to rejuvenation, in the China of yesterday the strong pass of the enemy is like a wall of iron; in today's China, man's world is mutable; in tomorrow's China we will be heading to the sea in full sails, braving the wind and the waves.

People's Daily, 25 February 2015, page 1. 


《 人民日报 》( 2015年02月25日 01 版)

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