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"Seeking truth from facts", ideological formulas and Party/state law in China

I have just returned from the 10th Annual Conference of the European China Law Studies Association. This year, the conference theme was 'New Perspectives on the Development of Law in China'. 
At the conference, I presented a paper entitled "Seeking truth from facts in Party discipline 'legislation'" The paper can be downloaded from Google Drive, or from SSRNThe abstract follows below.  I would welcome comments and suggestions from my readers. 
"Seeking truth from facts in Party discipline legislation"
The separation between concepts and contexts in Western studies of Chinese law, the detachment of legal and ideological concepts from the variables that determine their meaning has shaped a tacit consensus whereby ideological formulations as “Seeking truth from facts” are void of any meaning, mere declarations of intent, or make ceremonial references to an ideology which is monolithic and unchanging. Else, these formulations have been regarded as concepts…