Ministry of Civil Affairs Guiding Opinion on Stregthening and Improving the Work of Education and Training of Civil Society Organizations.

Ministry of Civil Affairs Guiding Opinion on Stregthening and Improving the Work of Education and Training of Civil Society Organizations.

To Civil Affairs Bureaus (Offices) of all Provinces, Autonomous Regions; Civil Affairs Bureaus of all provincial-level cities, the Civil Affair Bureau of the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps:

Carrying out training and education of civil society organizations is an important means to build high quality (suzhi) personnel of civil society organizations, and the foundation of guiding (yindao) the healthy development of civil society organizations. In recent years, Civil Affairs Departments in all provinces have highly regarded the work of educating and training civil society organizations, the scope of training has gradually broadened; funding has increased year after year; the results of traning have constantly improved, effectively promoting the modernization of civil society organizations' governance system and governance capacity. 

However, teaching and training of civil society organizations still has problems such as obsolete teaching materials, a weak teacher corps; univocal didactic methods which are not sufficiently connected to the management of civil society organizations. Education and training work awaits systematization, regularization and professionalization. The following guiding opinion is enacted to implement the spirit of the 18th Party Congress, and of its Second, Third and Fourth Plenary Meetings, further strengthen and improve civil society organizations' education and training, increase the coverage and impact of education and training work. 

1. Overall requirements of strengthening and improving civil society organizations' education and training.

The guiding thought of strengthening and improving civil society organizations' education and training is: holding high the great banner of Socialism with Chinese Characteristicts, taking Deng Xiaoping Theory, the Important Thought of the “Three Represents” and the Scientific Outlook on Development as a guide; thoroughly implement the spirit of the important speeches of General Secretary Xi Jinping, closely focus on the topic of promoting the modernization of National governance systems and governance capacity. Closely focus on the objective of constructing a modern civil society system. Emphasize the guidance of education, raise capacity, bring into full play Unity. Focus on the regularization of infrastructural systems combined with the innovation of mechanisms, to accelerate the formation of a new patter of education and training of Civil Society Organizations with Chinese Characteristics. 

Strengthening and improving civil society organizations' education and training must uphold the following principles: 

(1) Uphold serving the overall situation. Give full play to the guiding function of education and training, promote the healthy development of civil society organizations.

(2) Uphold division by levels and the classification in categories. Organize the implementation level -by-level, giving prominence to [civil society organizations] driven by demand, take improving capacity as the main line, according to the characteristics of the category of targets of education and training.

(3) Uphold reform and innovation. Link reform and innovation throughout the entire training and education process, enhance the appeal and enthusiasm of work, guarantee quality and effectiveness. 

2. Further specify demand-driven education and training goals.

Move from the most direct, practical and urgent needs of civil society organizations, to overall plan education and training work, strive to basically establish, by 2020, an energetic civil society organizations training and education system which fits the development of civil society organizations. 

On the basis of the existing education and training work, curriculum development and the construction of a teaching system have made an enthusiastic progress, the ranks of faculty have been further strengthented, the reform of didactic methods and procedures has achieved a clear success, an basic system to guaranttee education and training has been established, the capacity of civil society organizations has been further improve, and a climate of social care and support for the development of civil society organizations has been further enhanced. 

3. Accelerate the development of teaching and training curricula and materials

Optimize the curriculum. Focus on improving the capacity of social organization, increase the sense of responsibility of the staff of social organizations, their sense of integrity, sense of service, sense of innovation, and the overal planning of the curriculum. Establish a reasonable curriculum according to the characteristics and professional responsibilities of the targets of education and training, to make civil society organization understand, master and use [what they study]. 

Perfect the teaching materials system. According to the principle of scientific use, adapt to the training needs of different levels and different categories, compile comprehensive as well as specialized teaching materials that renew knowledge and raise capacity. Increase the compilation of practical and case-based teaching materials, enthusiastically develop exemplary teaching and training materials for civil society organization. Where local conditions allow, teaching materials with local characteristics can be compiled, to gradually form a diversified civil society organizations teaching materials system with a coherent content. 

4. Concentrate efforts on the education and training of teachers

Expand teaching resources. Rely on the main channels of civil administration bureaucracies to fully use the advantages of civil society organizations with broad connections and many channels. Hire Party-state leading cadres, experts and scholars and relevant personnel of civil society organizations who have a high level of policy and theory and rich experience as teachers. Establish a teachers' database to implement a sharing of teaching resources. Emphasize scouting and cultivating excellent human resourcs in the teaching and training of civil society organizations. Encourage and support the cultivation of teachers specialized in civil society organizations at civil affairs vocational institutions. 

Raise teachers' capacity. Strengthen teachers' training, encourage follow-up reasearch on major theoretical and practical problems of civil society organization, promote teaching through research, continuously raise teaching capacity. Regularly organize civil society organizations teachers' training, exchanges of teaching experiences, explorations of the regulation of teaching. Continuously raise the scientific level of education and training. An incentive mechanisms for teachers who make outstanding contributions to the work of civil society organizations' teaching and training must be established, to appropriately reward them. 

5. Push forward the reform of didactic methods.

Enrich didactic methods. Respect the professional characteristics of the staff of civil society organizations, and conduct education and training through methods attractive to civil society organizations. Encourage the use of new teaching methods as micro-lessons, and micro-classes. Emphasize practical teaching, use on-site observations and other channels to raise the capacity to solve practical problems. Carry out quality-development, strengthen team-building, raise the staff's sense of mission. Enthusiastically develop online courses, expand distance education, broaden the scope of teaching and training. 

Expand didactic methods. Integrate frontal lecturing, heuristics, participatory and case-based methods. Strengthen interactivity, raise the effectiveness of teaching. Proceed with the construction of a databases of education and training cases of civil society organizations. 

6. Establish a sound education and training work security system.

Conduct education and training according to categories. Estend the scope of education and training of newly recruited staff of civil society organizations, focus on improving civil society organizations' adaptive capacity. Develop the training of responsible personnel of civil society organizations, focusing on improving the leadership capacity of qualified leaders. Implement a training curriculum for general secretaries of civil society organizations, whereby in principle newly appointed general secretaries must participate to training and education within one year from their date of appointment. Strengthen the training and education of legal representatives of civil society organizations. Reinforce the vocational training of civil society organizations' staff, focus on improving their professional capacity. Promote the continuing education of civil society organizations' staff, draw support from the knowledge innovation engineering of national professional talents, to forge the troops of the leading talents of civil society organizations. Encourage qualified institutions to offer courses on civil society organizations, explore the establishment of professional education of varying educational levels for civil society organizations.

Expand education and training resources. Rely on civil affairs educational institutions, take advantage of the superiority of higher educational institutions and scientific research institutions and of social forces, to promote the integration of resources, develop the construction of education and training bases. Strive to obtain the support of relevant departments. Coordinate with Party Schools (Schools of Public Administration) to carry out education and training work of social organizations. Guide social forces to undertake education and training work by methods such as the purchase of their services, and explore the quality assessment of teaching.

Guarantee the funding of education and training. Funds for the education and training of civil society organizations shall be included in the budget for the management of civil society organizations. Where conditions exist, localities may include civil society organizations' education and training under the items of government purchase. Promote the charitable contributions of social forces to education and training, encourage public service education and training. Standardize financial management, austere and frugal education, improve the efficient use of capital.

7. Conscientiously organize and lead civil society organizations' education and training work.

Establish coordination mechanisms. Civil affairs departments at all levels must attach important to strengthening civil society organizations' education and training work, establish an unified education and training coordination system that practices “unified management, division of responsibilty, coordination, and is result-oriented”, and provides timely solutions to the difficulties and problems of education and training work. 

Organize implementation hierarchically. The Ministry of Civil Affairs is responsible to planning civil society organizations' education and training, compiling basic and exemplary teaching materials, establishing national-level education and training teachers' liberaries and education training bases, and it is mainly responsible for civil society organizations' education and training at the ministerial level. Local departments for civil affairs must be realistic, and focus on strengthening civil society organizations' education and training work at the local levels.

Intensify propaganda. Conscientiously sum up and promote typical experiences and successful practices in education and training work. Uninterruptedly raise the relevance and effectiveness of education and training work. Strengthen theoretical research on civil society organizations' education and training. Enthusiastically explore the regulation of civil society organizations' education and training. 

Ministry of Civil Affairs, 3 November 2015





























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