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Dr. Bai Jingyu on "A Looming Crisis for China's Legal System"

Dr. Bai Jingyu

The following commentaries are responses to A Looming Crisis for China’s Legal System, by Jerome A. Cohen.
First of all, the article provides accurate truth to a large extent. The author’s attitude towards truth should be respected and appreciated. However, since I do not focus on legal history research, I cannot guarantee that all the details are accurate. In addition, I suggest adding determiners before the subjects for more precise expressions. For example, adding “some” to the sentence, “Talented judges and lawyers are leaving the profession”, is a more accurate description because clearly, not all talented judges and lawyers leave the jobs, and not all the ones that choose to stay are talentless. Also, in my opinion, the expression “The current leadership has rejected many of the universal legal values” is somewhat exaggerating. It appears that only a small portion of universal legal values is rejected by the leaders, rather than the majority. 
Secondly, …


近日读了孔杰荣(JEROME A. COHEN)先生的文章《中国法律体系中的隐现危机》(《A Looming Crisis for China’s Legal System》),我从几个方面做个评论。
第一、该文所描述的事实基本是正确的。我感谢孔杰荣先生有这样的一个求实的态度。但是,因为我本人并不做法史的研究,所以,细节上有没有什么错误,我不敢肯定。另外,我想,如果在某些表述前加点限定词,表述看起来会更严谨,比如,“有才能的法官与律师正在辞职”(Talented judges and lawyers are leaving the profession),如果前面加上“一些”,就更符合实情,因为很显然,不是有才能的都离职了,也不是留下的,都没有才能。另外,有一个表述:“当前的领导层否认许多普世法律价值”“The current leadership has rejected many of the universal legal values”, 我个人认为,这一表述有些言过其实,被当前领导层拒绝接受的普世价值只是少数,而不是许多——至少表面上是这样。
从宏观上讲,Larry Backer(白柯), Flora Sapio(孙晓义),Jean Christopher Mittelstaedt(马骑山) 和Shaoming Zhu(朱绍明)有一个基本立场,即不要用西方价值观或是其他,作为标准衡量中国。我很感激他们能有这样的立场,这是西方学者在分析中国问题上的一大进步,也是中国百年来一直追寻的梦想。比如,孔杰荣先生认为“双规”是违反宪法的(DIC process is entirely without constitutional or legal authority and is a blatant violation of the constitutional rights of the suspect),这个说法,不是没有道理,但是,因为这是中国几十年来的传统(它背后又是中国几千年来的…