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"It is up to us to pick up the bricks and put them together" - Jean Christopher Mittelstaedt Comment on "Musings on the Concept of Zhengfa"

"Musings on the concept of Zhengfa" is the title of a post that appeared on this blog on March 17. The post was based on a paper I presented at the Australian National University, Centre for China in the World. I am truly honored to receive, and post, a comment I have received from Jean Christopher Mittelstaedt, who is a DPhil candidate at the Politics Department, University of Oxford. 

"It is up to us to pick up the bricks and put them together"

Flora Sapio’s discussion on zhengfa is significant for at least two reasons: first, it highlights the darkness in which we as China scholars tend to live in and is an attempt to shine some light on an often bewildering subject (in this case zhengfa and the implied relationship between politics and law); second, even more importantly, her paper is an invitation to think about the nature and construction of meaning in the Chinese context.
It is easy to casually dismiss Dr. Sapio’s recent article on zhengfa as a semantic game l…