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Relaunching the Scientific Outlook on Development?

--> Last week, the anniversary of the founding of the PRC was marked by two events that went more or less unnoticed. On September 29, General Secretary Xi Jinping held a speech at the Symposium on Studying the Selected Works of Hu Jintao. On October 2, the People's Daily published an editorial on 'A Major Result in the Sinification of Marxism'. This post examines the October 2 editorial. An abridged translation of Xi Jinping's speech is available here, and my comments on the speech will soon be published on this blog.

The editorial was exclusively focused on the Scientific Outlook on Development. It specified what the Scientific Outlook on Development is, what requests it poses, and why it is important.
The October 2 editorial was published by an author writing under the pen name 钟言闻实 Zhongyan Wenshi

The first character -钟zhong - conveys the idea of time, of time that passes, of timing,and also a bell. 言 stands for words, while 闻 in this context could refer to ne…